Theory Matrix

Many of his 14 points are system-driven, such as infringement down barriers betwixt functions procure moderate to a diminution of lavish, errors, and deficiency. His proposal on continually befitting the regularity of genesis and labor is customer-driven accordingly it standpointes on providing the best potential effects to customers. Toyota Curran Focuses on accommodation of the structure, not healthy. He besides defined description as "fitness for use", and familiar concept of require of description. Three basic marchs to proficiency Ten marchs to description progress The Curran Trilogy Saran's Praetor Principle Curran was an engineer and he firmly believed that description does not bechance accidentally, for-this-reason all of his theories are system driven - structures commission to individualize who its customers are and scheme for description through full march of the system. Description schemening is the foremost order of his trilogy and is basically aligning an structure's effects and systemes after a while customers' demands. Bausch & Lomb Chickasaws He standpointed on user favorable description moderate and emphasized the interior customer. Cause and pi diagram (fishbone diagram) Description circles He emphasized on the interior customer, sense that during each march in the creation of a effect or labor, the function procure demand to bargain the ext function as a "customer", so that description is moderateled at full march. This is how Jigsaw's mode is system-driven accordingly full system is tightly united to the next. His description modification is customer-driven accordingly he pushed for the concept of crew distant description moderate that denominated for continued customer labor. He believe that skill should not scarcely standpoint on befitting a effect's description, and insisted that description progress can regularly go one march elevate. Nippon Telephone & Telegraph used description circles. Crosby He coined the characteristic "description is free" and introduced the concept of cipher flaws. He besides believed in team structure approximation that is structure distant. Four absolutes of description skill Proposal of cipher flaws He believes in the system of educating the perfect productionforce about description principles, so when each deficiency is well-documented, skill can begin affected programs to redesign faulty genesis systemes. His vision of how description is not some general concept of "goodness"; you can't accept description that is amiable plenty, he wants cipher flaw and it's customer driven accordingly e said specifications must be set according to customer demands and wants. Glenn L. Martin Crew (1912-1961) Figment He introduced the concept of aggregate description moderate, which has 40 marchs. He promoted the proposal of a production environment in which twain skill and employees accept a aggregate commitment to amend description, and community attain from each others successes. Aggregate description moderate in 40 marchs (besides termed "company-distant description moderate"), which was posterior unconcealed as Aggregate Description Management. It is system driven accordingly he believed that description must be actively managed and accept the usability at the primary levels of skill, for-this-reason, it is dignified that each employee does his part well so the healthy system is amend, and description command grace nobody job.