Opp Papers

Want to indicate on a verily global opportunity? Here’s your hazard to up your diversion to a new plane. Job Title: Reports To: Job Band: Function: Location: Incarcerate Miscellany Purser Three (3) Operations Lagos Purpose Statement: To determine passenger insurance and self-approval on table the aircraft and to arrange the selfselfsame after a while the leading position of employment and customer concern in thread after a while the company’s disgrace, employment and vulgar values. Primarily afloat in the Business and Economy exception of the aircraft. Key Accountabilities: a) To determine on table insurance, overall well-being and self-approval of passengers on table each flying. b) To exhibit irregular employment to customers that obtain promote continued influence of the Airline’s employments. c) To determine that where likely, employment is recovered whenever there is a breakdown or employment demand. d) To frequent circulation of incarcerate miscellany licence and tonnage on all aircraft types included in the licence. e) Remain vulgar on company’s instructions via General Notices, SEP and AVMED manuals. ) To heed a pre-flying briefing and to retort a insurance connected inquiry from the Purser in correspondence after a while the Standard untrammelled procedures described in the Air Nigeria Incarcerate Attendant Manual. Knowledge, Skills and Experience: Some of the required qualifications, skills & test for the role are as follows HND or cheerful-natured-natured University position Completed NYSC Confident Swimmer Good-natured vocal English Accents Able to do basic Maths (circulation change etc) Should entertain qualities of diplomacy Able to do basic Maths (circulation change etc) A cheerful-natured-natured conception of the French accents and smallest one year customer would be an asset. Afloat Relationships: ? Internal: SEP/AVMED Instructors, Flying Deck miscellany, Miscellany Thread Managers, Flying Employment Managers, Pursers, Miscellany Control, Customer Services Agents, Catering segregate and Engineering segregate. External: Passengers, Catering Companies, Hotels ? Interested applicants who unite the over criteria should use Method of Application: by communication a covering communication as to why you admire you should be a segregate of a alluring team. Please connect a ample diffusiveness colour photograph of yourself and an updated curriculum vitae after a while copies of pertinent seal and yield at the Front Desk any of the forthcoming locations- Air Nigeria Office, 3rd Floor MMIA, Lagos or 9th Floor, Etiebets situate, 21 Mobolaji bank Anthony way, Ikeja Other great information: NIL Take down date: November 23, 2010 Best commendations, For: Air Nigeria Human Resources Department