Select one of the aftercited cities: · Cozumel, Mexico— a comparatively new city that was essentially calculated and built from scratch · Savannah, Georgia—and old coastal city that has plain spiritual aggravate centuries · Chicago, Illinois—a non-ocean coastal city that has skilled some sole braves Conduct inquiry environing your clarified city using the internet and other sources. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word Nursing Dissertation that deciphers how the clarified city has effectively coped after a while sustainable planning and outgrowth braves. Answer the aftercited questions: · What sustainable planning and outgrowth braves has the city faced? Consider at lowest two braves—one must be kindred to true breathe-into flow—and decipher why each brave is main to the polite being of the environment and the polished population. · What sustainable practices possess been effectively populated to address the authorized braves? How were these practices implemented? Consider, for issue, material, economic, collective, collective, and philosophical aspects of such practices. Format your Nursing Dissertation accordant after a while APA guidelines