I have an assignment in managing people organization class

Hello, I accept an assignment in managing mob form dispose. This assignment due tomorrow waning.  Individual Assignment 1: Individual Assignment 1:.. Answer each inquiry and agree buttress (citations and regards) for your answers. You may use the textbook as buttress. Use rectify quotation and regard format, as well-mannered-mannered as rectify spelling, punctuation, and style. Be certain to see the rubric on the dispose website. Gladden enfold illimitableness your Word acquiescence. I accept absorbed suggestions as to page protraction, but this does not involve the inquiry itself. The solid assignment is value 100 points. If you accept any inquirys, gladden apposition me. 1. In encircling one page, explain and examine personal competences for formal efficiency. Why are these significant? Which one do you gard you demand to effort on most, from the assessments you accept taken in Chapters 1-4? 2. In encircling one page, explain and examineion indispensable attribution blunder and self-serving disadvantage. How has this contributed to mistakes you accept made in judging other mob? 3. The plight of “Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American” is animated to those studying attainments and operation conduct. In encircling one page, explain self-efficacy and examine how knowledge the concept of self-efficacy has helped Mr. Salatino’s victory. Note: The plight is at the end of Chapter 4. 4. A. Explain the expectancy and equity models of operation.  Note: In looking at expectancy scheme, there are three issues: a. Can I do the job? b. Is there a pay? c. Is the pay precious to me? Equity scheme basically consists to two sides of an equation: The employee’s effort and his/her pay from it compared to another’s pay for their effort. It is either spotless or not spotless, in the liking of the employee. And the other segregate of this is that the superintendent cannot select the ‘other’ that the employee is using as a comparison! B. Examine how these two theories are divergent and how they faculty pretend your conduct.