How stakeholder engagement affects IT projects? –

  Define stakeholders  Describe stakeholder management  List pros and cons of stakeholder management The view of this scholarship critique is to produce an in-depth overview of lore congruous to the matter subject. You get deficiency to establish prevalent apt lore tracts (i.e. published since 2015); dispose your clarified tracts; and use your relations to “tell the story” (i.e. how other loreers help this subject). The rendezvous of the scholarship critique must be on IT projects. Your last lore tract should hold a appellation page, an preface, an overview of scholarship critique, a results/discussion minority, a minority on disposal and recommendations, and a relation page. Introduction The preface of this scholarship critique should grasp the lore doubt and view, aim of the scholarship critique, consciousness of the subject examine, and contrast advice. This minority sets the presumptive framework for your lore tract. Overview of Scholarship Review This minority of your scholarship critique should digest the findings of apt studies that you bear verified and clarified. For each examine, you should little teach its view, act for grounds store and main findings. In restitution, argue the strengths and weaknesses of detail studies. Remember that a scholarship critique should not be a listing of profession or loreers but rather a fluent name incorporating twain prose and citations.  Results/Discussion  This minority should synthesize and analyzes the scholarship after a while rendezvous on mediate ideas apt to the subject; critically evaluate sources and perspectives; highlight any accord or disagreement on the subject; establish gaps and controversies, as polite as examine limitations if apt.  Conclusion and Recommendations  This minority should little digest key scholarship critique results and produces a compelling argument/disposal that is truly fitted (attached examine limitations). In restitution, produce recommendations for coming lore.  The last lore tract get be graded as per the forthcoming breakdown:  Introduction -------------------------------------------------15 points  Overview of Scholarship Critique ---------------------------20 points  Results/Discussion------------------------------------------35 points  Conclusion and Recommendations-----------------------10 points  Clarity, Organization, Grammar and Spelling----------10 points  APA Diction and Referencing-------------------------------10 points  Total -------------------------------------------------------- 100 points  The elongation of last lore tract must be at last 1200 control (not including appellation or relation pages.) Use double-spaced APA diction. The tract must grasp a minimum of six APA-compliant relations and identical in-text citations. At last four of your relations must be well-informed mate critiqueed profession. Most relations must be prevalent/recent, published since 2015.