homework 2 interview

  2) Interview five (5) individuals from significantly unanalogous backgrounds (e.g., students,  professors, managers, entrepreneurs) ( 2 of 5 must be entrepreneurs ) and ask them some of the subjoined illustration questions: 1) to mark-out who is an entrepreneur, 2) what are  typical characteristics of entrepreneurs, 3) can managers also be entrepreneurs (if so,  explain), 4) do you regard yourself an entrepreneur, if so, why? 5) entrepreneurs  significantly tend to the economic and political thrift of a company? If so, in what  way, 6) can you content spectry three (3) pros and three (3) cons of life an entrepreneur,  7) do you consider that entrepreneurs feel a greater soundness of self-fulfillment than individuals  in other professions? Content melody that these are simply a illustration of questions you may ask; I  highly tolerate you to demonstrate example and metaphysical lion by examination several of your own questions. You should end your assignment by comparing and contrasting  the characteristics of entrepreneurs vs non-entrepreneur