Data base Design and analysis

  THE CASE FOR QUESTION 1  The Red Star Predicament (RSC) is “Car Phone Holder” manufacturing congregation that has three factories in irrelative cities.  These factories are binding for and making irrelative Car Phone Holders.  A unfair Phone Holder manufacturing rule (for model, Car Phone Holder for Toyota Corolla) is regularly subordinate the coerce of regular one factory. RSC Employees achievement in three manufacturing factories and each employee achievements in singly one factory. The employee lives in the similar city. Complete national manufacturing factory is contrived by an employee who achievements in the similar plant; but complete employee is not a factory director, nor can an employee contrive more than one birth.  Each and complete national factory must enjoy a director.  Some employees are assigned to achievement on projects (irrelative Car Phone Holder) and in some predicaments faculty smooth be assigned to achievement on sundry projects concertedly.  Some of the employees also control other employees but all employees insufficiency not be controld – the employees that are controld, are controld by regular one employee. QUESTION 1: Develop the Presentation Layer ER Diagram for RSC predicament. Draw a Chen's notation ER diagram that shows the existence images and homogeneity images. You can use THE CASE FOR QUESTIONS 2,3, and 4 Yu are abandoned ER Diagram for Airports factsbase. Assume that facts are maintained on airports environing the dominion for a congregation that offers a soaring chartering utility for nursery teams. They append advice from a broad diversity of sources, but enjoy had important inaptitude in the late obtaining facts on runway surfaces at airports located in weak nursery towns. Congregation pilots insufficiency entrance to this advice when they must fix either at airports such as these or in intermittent emergencies, when they must fix at other weak airports that are not located in nursery towns. As a consequence, as shown close, they enjoy created a RUNWAY_SURFACE existence image disjoined from a RUNWAY existence image. Answers the questions below Question 2: Identify each existence, elementary key(s) and (if tclose is) the irrelevant key (s)  Question  3 : Explain the homogeneity unmoulded the entities Question 4 : What is the aim of having RUNWAY_SURFACE existence