craft an email response to her explaining the role of patient satisfaction in quality improvement and why it is important.

  competency Evaluate the role and avail of enduring atonement. Course Scenario Chaparral Regional Hospital is a paltry, elegant hospital of approximately 60 beds, and offers the aftercited: Emergency extent services Intensive care Surgical care Obstetrics Diagnostic services Some rehabilitation therapies Inenduring pharmacy services Geriatric services Consumer physician referral services Recently, the CEO has been hearing complaints from twain endurings and staff, varying from crave endure times to archaic physicians. You enjoy been hired to pur-pose and instrument a Temper Advancement Plan to acceleration expose temper problems and to satisfactorily instruct them. Scenario Continued You agoing tempting different members of the devise to link you in the QI crop team. You ordinary an email end from the Chief Financial Officer who questioned the esteem of geometry enduring atonement. You must underhandedness an email vindication to her explaining the role of enduring atonement in temper advancement and why it is expressive. Instructions Your email should use decent email deviseatting (including material verse designation) and embrace phraseology expend to the receiver. Emails are typically deviseatted in the aftercited way: Begin delay a greeting Thank the recipient State your purpose Add your failure remarks End delay a failure Although an email does not typically embrace citations, you may enjoy to afford stay for your statements, specially those that compromise numerical statistics and quotes from other sources. You would mention this per APA in your email. APA deviseatting for the email, and decent style, punctuation, and devise is required.