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Your union's Vice President of Human Resources has approached your team for aid in recruiting and developing your structure's forthcoming chiefs. 60% of your union consists of millennials, and your team has been full delay how to successfully extension the number of millennials as chiefs in your structure. At this date, superior address is loth and insensible as to how they should prefer the millennials as chiefs. This leading march is to cause a contemplation.  Write a 525- to 700-word compendium in which you: Examine the best practices that your team can nourish to repair the number of millennial chiefs. Explain how you would give this notification to superior managers in your structure. Cite a partiality of two references other than the extract. Format your brochure congruous delay APA guidelines Submit your assignment. 2nd Part: Assignment Content    Resources: Leadership Theories Matrix Leadership Theories Grading Guide As a chief, you repeatedly scarcity to evince or disembarrass a concept. A matrix is a grid that contains notification and offers a visual copy of ideas. For this assignment, you succeed cause a matrix that explains chiefship theories. Research the subjoined five chiefship theories and involve these in your matrix (use the matrix template supposing): Trait theories of chiefship Behavioral theories of chiefship Contingency copys of chiefship Skills approaches to chiefship Situational methods of chiefship Develop the specification and characteristics of several chiefship theories and approaches to chiefship (stroke chiefship, behavioral chiefship, competence chiefship, skills chiefship and situational chiefship). Provide one or past examples to prop the specification or characteristics of each shape of chiefship. Write out your explanations in each exception using about 350 utterance for each exception. Format your Commencement Theory Matrix delay the template and congruous delay APA guidelines. Submit your assignment.