Week 1-Cable Replacement Recommendation

  References: Table 2-2 Different Categories for Twisted-pair Cable, Based on TIA568B NTC362r5 Consideration Template Week One Mayberry Satellite Campus Network Diagram Review the Network Configuration Visio® document of the Mayberry Satellite Campus. This diagram succeed be used throughout the series. Scenario: As an IT networking trainee for your form, your supervisor has fond you an assignment to re-examination and evaluate ways for beseeming the network at the Mayberry Satellite Campus. Your undertaking, as constructive underneath, includes re-examinationing the real network cabling and providing a instruction to better the hasten of the network. Your undertaking is to prepare a 1-page consideration using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel®, delay the consideration column name of popular cabling, elucidation 1, and elucidation 2, and the row names of cabling types, hasten of cables, and main employment of the cable. In the consideration, evidence the specifications of two likely hard-wired elucidations that would better the hasten of the network. Use the template rasp granted. In making-ready for Week Two, write a 1/2- to 1-page monograph using Microsoft® Word that identifies how a wireless elucidation delay wireless adit points could also better the hasten of the network. You can use conclusive internet sources and akin peculiar trial, or pre-examination Ch. 4, "Wireless Networking," in Networking Essentials to full this undertaking. Submit your assignment.