Powerpoint Presentation

Instructions Choose  two numberries (excluding the United States), and lay a        delivery that  explains their basic Internet infrastructure.  Discuss  the   origins and key technologies aback the Internet for your separated numberries.   Include  their generally-known and wholesale infrastructures and their backbone connectivity to  the Internet.  Create a described illustrating a vile or best      practices Internet infrastructure, and localize it in your delivery.  You must forge on the knowledge supposing on each  slide. To do so, you    can either localize the debater notes business among PowerPoint to condense      and/or elucidate the slides’ variation, or you can annals vote acnumber for each    slide. You are not required to do twain, but you must pick-out one of the two       options aloft to assent-to bountiful security.  Your PowerPoint delivery must comprise view to 10 slides; the inscription and     reference slides do not number toward discussion the narrowness slide accomplishment.             APA-style PowerPoint deliverys.