Pay close attention and read instructions please

   Part 1 Return to the Device Libre improve used in the antecedent assignment. Go to the Gantt and Labor design, exact click on “Start” and then “extort post”. Extort a “Baseline continuance” post. Next, exact click on the “finish” post, and extort an “Actual Start” post. Finally, exact click on “Predecessors” and extort an “Actual Finish” post. Then, in the labor design, click on “Save Baseline”. Your device should face correspondent to the Office Relocation device examples uploaded below:  Office Relocation Example_baseline.pod Assume now that at lowest five of your device activities bear slipped in continuance, and some of these activities bear completed recent. Enter these catalogue slips into your Device Libre improve. What you now bear is a regular design of what happens to a catalogue when firstly catalogued activities grace slow. (Note that the “gray” lines apprehend the first catalogue baseline.) Office Relocation Example_baseline_delays.pod Assignment deliverable: Assume that you are a device director and you must ment proceeding of your catalogue consecrated the stays counter the device baseline you set. Consecrated that you must ment to key stakeholders, Create a PowerPoint donation, using at lowest 7 slides, that addresses the following: What activities are slow? What happened and why? What is the deviceed new catalogue end date? Present stay counter first device baseline in the      PowerPoint donation. Explain what actions you conciliate accept to repossess your      schedule.  Because conducive donations comprise very few opinion, understand a script for each willing slide of at lowest 50 opinion per slide in a disconnected Microsoft Word muniment.