One conceptual issue within liberalism as an ideology regards the proper understanding of liberty (e.g. political rights, economic rights, social freedom). For this writing assignment, I would like you to consider some potential problems that such conc

When grading written assignments, I accomplish chiefly be looking for the subjoined elements: Relevance and thoroughness: The arguments and statements in your written assignment should be quickly connected to the assignment subject-matter. Papers containing unconnected or marginally connected arguments and statements accomplish accept inferior scores. In match your tractate, be strong to conduct your match focused on what is substance asked in the assignment, and try to forsake pointless or overly public arguments. Textual living: Much of the gratified of this round consists of peculiar matchs of historically expressive political philosophers. In preparing your written assignments, you can present your knowledge of these authors and texts through apt textual references. A very powerful tractate accomplish selectively use quotes from the peculiar texts to aid institute and living your own arguments or explanations. Try to forsake immoderate use of quotes, besides, as these tractates should ostentation your match abilities, rather than your copying abilities. Papers containing minimal or no argument of the apt authors and texts accomplish accept inferior scores. Style: Your written assignments should be publicly readable and liberal from spiritless match problems, such as run-on sentences or paragraphs and inexpedient citations. Additionally, an justifiable tractate accomplish be publicly polite structured after a while all arguments presented in a argumentative and copious appoint. Spelling and expression: While I do not specifically trice on spelling and expression, I wait-for written assignments to be publicly liberal from spelling and real errors. Written assignments after a while problems of unreadability due to immoderate errors of spelling and expression accomplish accept inferior scores. No plagiarism gladden or bulky vocabulary