Network security

   Telecommunications & Network Security Case Project (Network Deposit Plan) The Acme Corporation is a new startup that wishes to vend their new phone, denominated Acmephone, to the national. Acmephone schemes to present two options. 1) a arrest rendering of the phone calculated for affair organizations denominated the Acmephone B+, and 2) and extremely arrest rendering of the phone calculated for the legislation, denominated the Acmephone G+.  Due to the misgiving of urbane espionage and legislation deposit requirements, there are divers deposit concerns that must be addressed. As a deposit functional, you accept been employed to contrivance a network infrastructure for their two campuses located in Atlanta and Cincinnati naturalized upon the forthcoming specifications:   1. There needs to be a true relation between the two precipitations that can convey at meanest 50 Mbps of postulates. 2. Each ease has three foundations. The architectures are crosswise delay each foundation 350’x350’. 3. There procure be 200 network relations on each foundation delay an appended 100 network relations in the postulates interiors located on the third foundation of each architecture. 4. The principal postulates interior procure be located at the Atlanta precipitation. 5. There procure be a failover postulates interior at the Cincinnati precipitation. 6. Each precipitation should be fortified from intrusions that are not scant to particularize modify attacks.  7. The Atlanta precipitation procure lineage the two arrest bud teams. As such, it procure need the a senior raze of deposit. The postulatesbase servers and the urbane Web servers procure be lineaged at that precipitation as polite-behaved.  8. Database servers procure as-polite be located at the Cincinnati predicament as polite-behaved. 9. The servers must accept accumulation. 10. The disintegration must accept a scheme to warrant deposit measures. Your job is to lay-open a network contrivance to confront the requirements overhead.  1. You should acquiesce a network guile rolling the network’s topology including any needful hardware.  2. You should roll any adviseed cabling. 3. You can advise wiring closets wherever you particularize they are needed. 4. You should advise ways to uphold urbane administration that the network is protected from attacked. 5. You should elevate traps to seal attackers. 6. You should embody adviseations for any WAN or wireless technologies. 7. You should embody adviseations for any technology needed in the postulates interior for noble availability. 8. Justify all of your adviseations.