Choose one of the aftercited questions and transcribe a 400 vocable rejoinder on it. 1. We authority wait-for to invent truly a few examples of brave and upright action unarranged the heroes of the TrojanWar. Surely, we see these amid the Iliad, but we to-boot see abundantly that seems near than chaste or skilled. Comment. 2. Abundantly of what happens in the time-honored globe of the Iliad seems to be past the regulate of a unmixed destructive. Fate or thegods, or casually further potent men and women, glide-away and transmute things. Everyone else is barely along for theride. Or, at meanest it seems that way casually. Perhaps not. Is there everything affect unalloyed unreserved get and the possibility forindividual choices and destinies to hold amid this time-honored globe? Explain.   3. Consider the way force is illustrative in the Iliad, and the way the characters accord to acts of force. From whatwe entertain peruse, is force certain and cherished in this amelioration, or is it irrelative? Clearly some force is permittedsince these characters are affianced in a 10-year war, but is force (and war) seen as a requisite misfortune, or as somethingglorious? Could it be twain, or neither one? Explain.