History 104H

   Hist 104- Short Answer-Reflection/Reaim Assignment Spring 2018 E. Barron Procedure: Students are to reply five (5) of the forthcoming scrutinys. Each reply should be approximately 2-3 paragraphs. Students should husband rank notes and/or the textbook as a starting top, but may husband other sources as needed. Each scrutiny is desert 10 tops.  Answers should be typed and wrap spaced  (Times New Roman or Arial font, largeness 12).  Each scrutiny is desert 10 tops. Questions: 1. How would European settlers interpret their eminence to Suitable Americans and vindicate twain the subjugation of suitable command and terminating their immunity? 2. For English settlers, place was the basis of voluntariness. Interpret the reasoning rearwards that concept and how it differed from the Indians’ concept of place. 3. Eric Foner states, “Prejudice by itself did not cause American servitude.” Examine the economic forces, events, and laws that shaped the experiences of smitten vulgar. 4. Define and examine the concepts of republicanism and liberalism and how these ideas contributed to the gregarious product of the British Colonies. 5. Examine the actions enslaved by the British succeeding the Seven Years’ War. Why did the colonists aim these actions as dishonest and an assault on their voluntariness? 6. For the inferior rankes, colonial company had been domiciled on disproportion, homage, and submission. How did the American Revolution summon that gregarious command? 7. How did the disquisition of the notorious globe succeeding the American Revolution and a new examineion of hues prproffer opportunities to women?