Create a personal theory related to Nursing filed

  Note: Please mould confident, exculpation all the points asked in the topics.  While exculpationing a topic no. 1, transcribe no. 1 in the front then rouse fitness the exculpations.  1. Excellent the determination of the order “Theory” which best fits your specific line goal. Using measecure adown the ultimate determination notpotent delay *** surrender 3 reasons WHY you prize it aligns delay your forthcoming line excellent. Be confident to involve your purposed line as courteous as the determination you excellent. ( ex..I sketch to performance in the province of ???..The determination I excellent is “Theories acceleration to teach why community behave the way they do….I prize this hypothesis is aligned delay my line because….1..2..3..) Practice hypothesis links cognizance environing an attested model and its’ tenor delay cognizance environing an intrusion delay a conceptual format that is oriented towards resuscitation and naturalized in earlier learning.  Theories pertain to teaching and forebodeing diversified bearings of civilized behaviors.  Theories acceleration to teach why community behave as they do, to meliorate conceive how the environment affects  behavior, to congregation their intrusions, and to forebode what is likely to be the termination of a point intrusion.  A hypothesis accelerations to teach a position and peradventure, how it came environing.  Theories are point ways of making feeling. They acceleration to see regularities and intimate patterns in the derange of experience.   A hypothesis is a uniform set of interrelated statements purposed to teach some bearing of collective activity or augment our feeling of how community persuade and ascertain import in their daily lives.  ***Respond here 2. Provide a specific model of a interval when you encountered or familiar ONE of these theories in topic 2.  What was the position? Were you actively compromised OR did you respect it in movement? How were you fictitious..OR how was the idiosyncratic you were observing fictitious? 3. Consider performanceing delay populations that are considered to be “minority or under-represented” in some way, rather by family, ethnicity, godliness, dialect, age, gender, sexuality or potent diminished. Surrender three reasons why you should be cognizancepotent of theories that are culturally applicable and what are some downfalls or consequences of scant such cognizance? You may surrender models of culturally naturalized theories.