Assignment: Groups

Required Resources Read/review the subjoined media for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 7,8 Lesson Minimum of 2 erudite sources in conjunction to extractbook and precept. Instructions While our centre in the precept this week was on the concepts of conformance and subservience, we also thought-out collocation processes and dynamics in our readings for the week. For this assignment, choice two favoring collocations to which you personally suit. This could be a church collocation, sports team, club, office at composition, etc. In a slide donation, oration the subjoined for each of the collocations you choiceed: Describe the collocation (membership, mind, etc.). Define the collocation roles, emphasizing your own role in that collocation. Describe the collocation norms. Analyze the collocation dynamics - How does the collocation touch? How are decisions made? Who evaluates collocation members' work? Evaluate how dissension or engagement are managed among the collocation. Select two gregarious psychology collocation concepts (for example: cohesion, collocationthink, gregarious loafing) and apportion them to these two collocations, comparing and contrasting how the collocation norms and dynamics collision how the collocation behaves. Writing Requirements (APA format) As you exhaustive your donation, be firm to: Use speaker's notes to extend upon the bullet sharp-end deep ideas on your slides, making references to elimination and assumption after a while citation. Proof your composition Use visuals (pictures, video, account, graphs, etc.) to totality the extract in your donation and to restore your gratified. Do not lawful transcribe a Nursing Dissertation and reexhibition chunks of it into each slide. Treat this as if you were going to confer this donation feed to a collocation of average nurture kids - be pertinent, interesting, and centreed. Presentation Requirements (APA format)  Length: 8-10 slides (not including designation, portico, and references slides)   Font should not be smaller than greatness 16-point   Parenthetical in-extract citations interjacent and formatted in APA style   References slide (a stint of 2 without erudite sources plus the extractbook and/or the weekly precept for each passage outcome)  Title and portico slide required