Assignment 7

Chapter 13 Which countries are the biggest users of the Internet? Social instrument? Mobile? Which province had the largest Internet development (in %) in the decisive five years? How accomplish most vulgar coalesce to the Internet in the advenient? What are two contrariant applications of wearable technologies? What are two contrariant applications of collaborative technologies? What capabilities do printable technologies enjoy? How accomplish advances in wireless technologies and sensors fashion objects “findable”? What is enhanced situational awareness? What is a nanobot? What is a UAV?  Exercise 1) If you were going to initiate a new technology vocation, which of the emerging trends do you conceive would be the biggest convenience? Do some primordial learning to estimate the bargain size   Chapter 11 –  Review the tenure brave in the digital era (as courteous as the solid chapter).  Reflect on the uncertain braves are give in the digital era.  Accomplish things get reform or past entangled as times goes on?  Explain.  What are some methods to appropriate new generations into the workforce to conceive encircling competitive utility?  textbook coalesce :