Assignment 2: The Gig Economy

Uber is abundantly hailed as the manifestatlon of the gig distribution, which is the purpose that race gain not composition for any one mistress, but instead gain composition on projects for any multiformity of companies desiring their services.  While creating a new symbol of entrepreneurship for beings, it raises a army of new juridical questions for companies environing the law of exercise. An cannonade attached has asked you to evaluate Uber’s juridical pitfall for the inaugurate of its drivers. Write an interoffice memo in which you: Summarize the main principles of exercise. Analyze the qualification lower which Uber capability be qualified for the inaugurate of its drivers. Identify the steps Uber can obtain?}, if any, to name its juridical pitfall for the inaugurate of its drivers. Use at last three (3) temper media in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia is not an grateful allusion and proprietary Websites do not fit as academic media. Your assignment must flourish these formatting requirements: Your information dwarf or memo should understand a designation, tabulation announcement, enhancement and recommendations. The local way education outcomes associated delay this assignment are: Analyze and adduce the concepts of holy determination making,  urbane governance and  urbane collective allegiance. Analyze and evaluate the employment-at-gain dogma and the statutory protections afforded employees. Analyze and evaluate laws and regulations not-absolute to work insurance, amenability and representations. Write lucidly and concisely environing law, ethics, and urbane governance using equitable congeniality mechanics. Click short to conception the grading rubric. HELP! Short is some Guidance: Paper2.LEG500.pdf  textbook: Business: ITS LEGAL, ETHICAL, AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT, 11th edition author: Marianne Moody Jennings, Cengage Learning