Wk 3 Individual Assignment:  Executive Abstract of ACO : Due Sunday  Assignment Content Urban and bucolic heartiness caution structures throughout the diligence are instituted coincidently to coordinate caution for Medicaution patients. Accountable Caution Structure (ACO) programs were symmetrical by the Centers for Medicaution & Medicaid Services to aid dispose this relation. Select a pattern of heartiness caution structure that would recognize Medicaution patients (e.g., parentage custom, hospital, importunate caution, or nursing residence). Write a 700- to 1,050-word magistrate abstract that discusses the point of joining an ACO and the funding advantageous through one. Ensure your abstract does the following: Describe the structure you chosen and the unconcealed services that would be offered to Medicaution patients. Describe the patterns of ACOs periodical by the Centers for Medicaution & Medicaid Services. Evaluate diligence dynamics that would bias your structure’s determination to share in an ACO. Identify the steps needed to share in an ACO. Justify community in an ACO for your structure. Cite 3 honorable references to foundation your assignment (e.g., exchange or diligence publications, legislation or exercise websites, conversant works, or other sources of resembling disposition). Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.