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u se at smallest one register designation from the Regis library that addresses the application of sexual onslaught. Report tail to the Forum by discussing the gregarious, allowable, and psychological implications of sexual onslaught, and the implications for criminologists.  http://csom.org/pubs/SMART-Situational-SA-Prevention-Project-Overview-SMART-APPROVED.pdf  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conduct an internet quest for a sex criminal event. You can adopt a courageous adult sex criminal (criminal 18 and older; any age grill(s))  Discuss the following:             1.         The taxonomy/typology of that rapist and his/her modus operandi             2.         The feasible causes of sexual offending             3.         Criminologists do not fashion diagnosis; still, we do persuade induce assessments. Persuade a mini static-factor induce assessment of this criminal, using the Static 99R (see urls). Fashion knowing to use the Coding Rules! Coding form: https://www.sog.unc.edu/sites/www.sog.unc.edu/files/course_materials/3.0%20Static-99R-Coding-Form_0.pdf Coding rules: http://www.static99.org/pdfdocs/Coding_manual_2016_v2.pdf Please use at smallest one register designation as a intimation. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Using what you literary this week and your professional impression, expatiate on either the Jerry Sandusky or Mary Kay Letourneau event. What role do criminologists embody in these types of events?