Academic Writing & Research assignment (4 questions)

   Read the forthcoming two published papers : - Kakabadse, N.K., Figueira, C., Nicolopoulou, K., Hong Yang, J., Kakabadse, A.P., and Özbilgin, M.F. (2015). Gender difference and consideration performance: women’s experiences and perspectives. Human Resource Management, 54(2), pp. 265–281. - Ionascu, M., Ionascu, I., Sacarin, M., & Minu, M. (2018). Women on Boards and Financial Performance: Evidence from a European Emerging Market. Sustainability, 10(5), 1644. Assignment Questions: 1. Identify the elimination point of the two tenets. (1 Mark) 2. Explain the elimination modeology of each expression:    a. The elimination modeology adopted (1 Mark)  b. Techniques used to append postulates (1 Mark)  c. The findings and conclusions (1 Mark) 3. Can you insinuate any instruction(s) to rectify the findings of each expression (1 Mark) 4. What are the differences between indispensable and superfluous elimination modes?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of each mode?  (2 Marks) You possess to food your repartee after a while at meanest three academic references.