week 5/alb comm teach 3

  This is an single assignment. In 1,500-2,000 utterance, explain the education knowledge and debate your observations. The written side of this assignment should include: Summary of education intent Epidemioclose rationale for topic Evaluation of education knowledge Commsingleness tally to education Areas of strengths and areas of improvement Prepare this assignment according to the conductlines ground in the APA Title Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An imageless is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please reconsideration the rubric preceding to rise the assignment to behove well-acquainted delay the expectations for prosperous collection.  You are required to bestow this assignment to Turnitin. Please advert to the troddenions in the Student Success Center.   1 Unsatisfactory 0.00% 2 Less than Satisfactory 75.00% 3 Satisfactory 83.00% 4 Good 94.00% 5 Excellent 100.00% 80.0 %Content 30.0 %Comprehensive Digest of Education Intent Delay Epidemioclose Rationale for Topic Summary of association education intent is not verified or forfeiture. Summary of association education intent is deficient. Summary of association education intent is offered but some elements are general. Focus of association education is bright delay a specific digest of each rudiment. Rationale is not supposing. Focus of association education is bright, accordant delay Functional Health Patterns (FHP) assessment findings and cheered by denomination of epidemioclose rationale. 50.0 %Evaluation of Education Knowledge Delay Argument of Association Tally to Education Provided. Areas of Strength and Areas of Improvement Described Evaluation of education knowledge is omitted or deficient. Evaluation of education knowledge is unbright and/or debateion of association tally to education is forfeiture. Evaluation of education knowledge is supposing delay a short debateion of association tally to education. A specific evaluation of education knowledge delay debateion of association tally to education and areas of strength/improvement is supposing. Comprehensive evaluation of education knowledge delay debateion of association tally supposing parallel delay a specific denomination of barriers and strategies to conquer barriers is supposing. 15.0 %Organization and Effectiveness 5.0 %Thesis Fruit and Purpose Paper bankruptcys any palpable overall mind or organizing vindication. Thesis is hardly exposed and/or general; mind is not bright. Thesis is plain and delayhold to mind. Thesis is bright and forecasts the fruit of the tractate. It is described and reminiscent of the arguments and delayhold to the mind. Thesis is comprehensive; contained delayin the thesis is the entity of the tractate. Thesis declaration makes the mind of the tractate bright. 5.0 %Paragraph Fruit and Transitions Paragraphs and transitions accordantly bankruptcy singleness and continuity. No plain connections among paragraphs are formal. Transitions are inwithhold to mind and room. Form is ambiguous. Some paragraphs and transitions may bankruptcy close gradation of ideas, singleness, continuity, and/or fixity. Some limit of form is clear. Paragraphs are generally adapted, but ideas may illusion some sublimation in form and/or in their relationships to each other. A close gradation of ideas among paragraphs is plain. Paragraphs evince a singleness, continuity, and fixity. Topic judgments and lowe?-t remarks are delayhold to mind. There is a hard reading of paragraphs and transitions. Ideas advance and report to each other. Paragraph and transition reading conduct the reader. Paragraph erection is seamless. 5.0 %Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, diction, diction use) Surface falsitys are pervasive plenty that they obstruct despatch of aim. Inwithhold term excellent and/or judgment reading are used. Frequent and repetitive effortless falsitys dissever the reader. Inconsistencies in diction excellent (register), judgment erection, and/or term excellent are bestow. Some effortless falsitys or typos are bestow, but are not overly dissevering to the reader. Punish judgment erection and audience-withhold diction are used. Prose is largely loose of effortless falsitys, although a few may be bestow. A difference of judgment erections and powerful figures of oration are used. Writer is brightly in trodden of test, written, academic English. 5.0 %Format 2.0 %Paper Format Template is not used delayholdly or documentation format is sometimes followed rightly. Template is used, but some elements are forfeiture or mistaken; bankruptcy of repress delay formatting is plain. Template is used, and formatting is punish, although some inferior falsitys may be bestow. Template is abundantly used; There are virtually no falsitys in formatting title. All format elements are punish. 3.0 %Research Citations (In-text citations for paraphrasing and trodden quotes, and advertence page listing and formatting, as delayhold to assignment) No advertence page is interjacent. No citations are used. Reference page is bestow. Citations are inaccordingly used. Reference page is interjacent and lists sources used in the tractate. Sources are delayholdly documented, although some falsitys may be bestow. Reference page is bestow and abundantly implied of all cited sources. Documentation is delayhold and title conduct is usually punish. In-text citations and a advertence page are adequate. The documentation of cited sources is loose of falsity. 100 %Total Weightage