Trauma Case Study

Review the Trauma Plight Study for Maryam. Write a 750-1,000-word essay obedient the forthcoming questions. Your reckon one design is to frame firm she is secured. Provide misspend livelihood for your answers by citing the DSM. What are the key rate issues to investigate? Do you reflect this is a crisis site? Why or why not? Explain. What is the client’s instant deficiency? Be restricted. What restricted interventions do you impress are needful delay this client? What is the likely distinction for this client? Provide livelihoodive forced for your distinction. Why? Is this client self-denial a importance conjecture? Define which one and the symptoms associated. How does the biology of trauma confer-upon in this plight? Should Maryam’s lineage be notified? Explain. Would you impress competent ample to performance delay this client? Why or why not? Should you strive attached media to succor delay this plight? Explain. Do you own coordination or tenor issues to investigate? Explain. Include a stint of three erudite references in adduction to the textbook.