To What Extent Does Sex Education Exert Impact on Teenagers in Hong Kong

Getting married, deficiency to get fraught, follow solicitude for their slip... those are the steps of a recognized duration cycle that everyone should be looking anxious to or experiencing. Thus, there should be so ample joy to getting pregnancy if a married alien is expecting to own a new constituent into their nobility. Although a married alien is not wish to getting pregnancy, a recognized sexual temper is quiet enjoyable for twain of them. In the old Chinese association, most of the fellow-creatures were set-on-foot to having the sexual temper following they were married owing there may not lowerstand what sexual commerce is as there are noncommunication of orders. As the technology improved, fellow-creatures may easier to get those akin notice from the web or others. It force be one of the truth leads fellow-creatures try to trial sexual commerce antecedently marry and equal in lowerage. In the ordinary Hong Kong association, this is not unique that there is an lowerage pregnancy dupe in primitive and minor nurture.Most of the lowerage pregnancy dupes are not lowerstand the straight way to wield it. According to Mother’s Choice, there is environing 1000 circumspect mothers that age fewer than 18 to prosecute for succor in 2008, which was acception 40% from the prior year. As there is a noncommunication of sex order implements in primitive and minor nurtures, the calculate of lowerage pregnancy acceptions. Literature Review Noncommunication of sex order succeed leads to a calculate of denying issue. One of the deep issues is lowerage pregnancy. In 2007, there are 134 fellow-creatures who were afford extraction and 327 fellow-creatures who did a juridical puck in olden lower 18 (DHHK, 2007).In 2008, there are environing 1000 circumspect mothers that age lower 18 to prosecute for succor, which was acception 40% from the prior year (Mother’s Choice, 2008). One of the deep argues that noncommunication of sex order leads to lowerage pregnancy is the lowerage does not lowerstand the straight way to contraception. Nearly thirty percents of fellow-creatures who were lowerstand how to use a condom following olden 21 (Zi Teng, 2010). Also, most of the fellow-creatures in Hong Kong do not lowerstand the other way to contraception and sickness hinderance rather than using condom (Zi Teng, 2010). In this occurrence, balance eighty percents of fellow-creatures meditate that it is relevant for nurtures to get sex order for slipren (CUHK, 2008). Also, balance seventy percents of fellow-creatures influence to frame sex order to be an idiosyncratic necessitated matter in primitive and minor nurture (CUHK, 2008). Noncommunication of Sex Order Although Hong Kong empire states that they has set up a polite-mannered-mannered arranged pur-pose of sex order which succeed be held in preschool, primitive nurture and minor nurture, there quiet own a enlightened calculate of occurrences which is environing lowerage pregnancy.One of the deep argue is sex order in Hong Kong is not an idiosyncratic necessitated matter for all primitive and minor students. There are usually couple succeeding a suitableness other matters such as General Studies in primitive nurture, Ethics and Religious Studies in minor nurture. The trainmasters who are training those matters are not polite-mannered-mannered useful on sex order and they may not own plenty lowerstandledge for training the straight lie of sexual activities to their students. Taboo of Sex In the Chinese association, there is constantly having a taboo of colloquying environing sex. It force be feasible for trainmasters to relinquish those matter-matters or exact sketchy colloquy environing those matter-matters. According to Cheung Kin-Tai, the chairperson of Okamoto (Hong Kong) Limited Company says that one of their employees was brought a condom to his nurture for influenceing his essay matter-matter ‘My First Time’ suitableness his minor nurture duration, his trainmaster was gave him a important worthlessness. Some of the nurture realized that there is noncommunication of sex orders, so they succeed allure some organizations such as The Nobility Planning Association of Hong Kong, Mother’s Choice, etc. to held a calculate of sex order colloquys frequently to their students; at-last, Prof. Ng Man-Lun, a sex therapist, meditate that most of the nurtures are quiet taboo on sex order and the colloquys which be held in a nurture dimidiation succeed cause some enclosure for students to attain from the colloquy, ‘the presenter is having a crave interspace succeeding a suitableness students for training how to use condom and students may not own a casualty to impress it, or equal contemplate it evidently, so how can they attain to use it? ’ Noncommunication of Sex Order OutcomeAs the media of putting onto sex order is not plenty and the order pur-pose was out of dated, it may leads to influence the lie of students on sexual activities. According to the contemplate which was be held by Zi Teng and Okamoto (Hong Kong) Limited Company in 2010, it established that merely one third of the interviewees attain what condom is from the nurture. Also, 27. 4% of the interviewees lowerstand how to use condom following olden 21 and some of the interviewees lowerstand how to use condom when they are olden 60.Moreover, one of the questions asked the interviewees how to contraception or sickness hinderance rather than using condom and the answers from the interviewees were including bung sexual commerce, other activities instead of sexual commerce such as kiss, masturbation, etc. In observation, a calculate of interviewees meditate that using condom is not the straight way to exhibition their charity to their companion and some of them meditate using condom suitableness sexual commerce is exhibitioning their diffidence to their companion. Suggestion To retrench the calculate of lowerage pregnancy, there should own a calculate of improvements on sex order.In my suggestions, firstly, the Hong Kong empire should frame sex order as an idiosyncratic necessitated matter in twain primitive and minor nurture. According to a national contemplate which conducted by CUHK Social Work Department in 2008, there is 70. 1% interviewees influence it to be a necessitated conduct in primitive nurture and minor nurture. Also, the Hong Kong empire and nurtures should assign further media on discipline trainmasters environing sex orders so it may leads them to afford out obsequious notice and training straight lies to students on this matter-matter.Moreover, nurtures should cooperate succeeding a suitableness the akin organizations to repose a calculate of colloquys in a diminutive assemblage of students which should cbalance incongruous areas such as contraception, puberty, etc. so students may impress easier to attain from the colloquys. Finally, discipline a slip is a compact between nurture and nobility. In this occurrence, nurtures should repose some sex order colloquys to parents so parents can own the ability to discipline their slip during the nobility span.