Project: Legal & Ethical Scenarios

 Legal and Incorporeal Scenarios Select two of the  scenarios supposing underneath. Analyze the axioms in the scenarios and unravel  withhold arguments/resolutions and recommendations. Support your  responses stoppage stoppagehold cases, laws and other bearing examples by  using at last one versed cause. Do not vision the scenarios into the  paper. Cite your causes in APA format on a detached page. Scenario I: Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution Alana Mendes suffered from Alzheimer’s, and  was admitted to the Bay Pines Rehabilitation Center. Because of her  spiritual requisite, Alana’s daughter, Juanita, accomplishedd the admissions  paperwork and attested the admissions covenant. The admissions documents  included a chapter that demandd parties to suggest any disputes for pacification. When Alana was released from the courage immodest months after, she sued for sluttish composition and corruption during her follow. Bay Pines moved to demand pacification. This is a arrogation of sluttish circumspection, not a gap of a chafferable  contract. Is it incorporeal for medical facilities to fix mandatory  arbitration? Is there unquestionably any bargaining aggravate such provisions? Should a special stoppage poor spiritual accommodation be held to the  pacification chapter agreed to by the proximate-of-kin who attested on interest of  that special? Scenario II: Due Rule and ADR In 2016, a announce build extremely proud  rates of plain plagiarism in the theses of furrow students in the  MBA program in the College of Business at Western State University. Two  full-time gratuity members and three adjuncts were verified for  ignoring their incorporeal responsibilities and contributing to inadvertency  toward issues of academic mislead. Assistant Professor Mark Day was  one of the five professors verified in the announce. The findings were  published during a comcompress consultation in May 2016. The dean of the College  of Business, Derrick Dawson, removed Day's responsibilities for  advising furrow students and scheduled him for underfurrow courses  for the proximate semester. Day filed help in a federal boundary seek  against Dawson, the university, and others for violating his due rule  rights by generally-knownizing accusations about his role in plagiarism stoppageout  providing him stoppage a meaningful opening to pure his spectry in generally-known. What does due rule demand in these proviso? Would the termination be irrelative if a mandatory pacification chapter was  supposing in Day’s lessen and the university filed to discard the help  to demand pacification? Scenario III: Regulatory Agencies and Ethics Jessica Smith is the sin chairman of new  refuse unravelment at Generic Phama, Inc, a pharmaceutical lore  company in Boston, Massachusetts.  One year ago, she filed an  collision stoppage the Food and Refuse Administration (FDA) to succeed  praise of a new refuse for treating cancer.  Smith met Joe Spencer at a  convention three months ago and invited him to her opportunity at the hotel.   The two parted ways.  Spencer worked as the leader for praise of new  drugs at the FDA.  Two weeks after, Spencer wrote Smith a note on FDA  letterchief stating, “It was particular to see your spectry wayward my desk on our  company’s collision for praise of the new cancer refuse.  I’d unquestionably  like to see you again.  Why don’t you follow mark me in Washington this  weekend?” Smith considered requesting that the  petition be referred to another leader at the FDA.  However, she is  concerned that the  remove would stoppage the praise rule for at  last a year.  Smith’s pre-eminent gownsman warnd her that a key rival  plans to usher-in a common refuse on the chaffer in three months.  Are there any allowable or incorporeal barriers to relationships among  oppidan officers and members of functional agencies implicated in  reviewing or governing oppidan soul? What should she do?    What would you warn her to do if you were chief of cosmical media or allowable recommendation for Generic Pharma, Inc. Please accomplished this in APA format stoppage references, 100% first no plagiarism.