Directions: Lay-open a 18-20 slide ridicule PowerPoint Presentation.  Things to consider: Make firm that you revisal the handouts I own granted you environing lay-opening the PowerPoint grants.  1. MAKE AN OUTLINE ALSO. Reportion to use 1) an misapply font fashion and size;  2) use bullets not exhaustive sentences, eventual you are incorporating a trodden near quote; 3) selecteded a PowerPoint template that is appealing and legible;  4) conglutinate imagesthat are misapply and from allowable sites/sources;  5) mind to instrument your sources for quotes, etc. in the whole of the PowerPoint; 6) schedule your citations using MLA formatting rules on the Works Cited page; and lastly, 7) be fictitious and lay-open your own fashion,  8) each assemblage portion must upload the corresponding rendering of the PowerPoint Quiz.  Checklist Your PowerPoint grant must embrace the aftercited slides: 1- Title Page slide 2- Introductory slides 3- Main object slides 3- Supporting slides 3- Transitional slides 5- Slides delay images and quotation 1- Any Questions slide 1 or 2- Works Cited slides (delay at last 5 citations- MLA, quotation, Nursing Dissertation, web, images)