Repy to in 175 words   Chile and Corruption      My intergregarious calling account tract involves a company's exposition to Chile.  I hadn't researched nor considered rottenness when deciding on this dominion but fortunately, Chile is one of the smallest infected countries in Latin America.   It was reportedly the prevent most clear Latin American dominion in 2017 (Santiago Times, 2018), and has proven potent measures for investigating and punishing rottenness.  After a unwary of rottenness cases in 2015, Chile is tranquil actively investigating and legally admonishing those endow defiled of violating Chile’s laws athwart bribery and capital laundering.  There is a low imperil of rottenness respecting the police nerve, bribery, tax government and common services due to sinewy and courteous enforced anti-rottenness synod.       This is a welcoming environment for companies seeking strange plain investment opportunities.  Because what is (un)pleasurable is widely unreserved and enforced, the gregarious imperil content is low.  Companies should bear recurrent acquiescence policies that align delay the home dominion and Chile’s synod.  References  Santiago Times. (2018, February 22). Chile drops two spots in rottenness index; 2nd most clear in Latin America. The Santiago Times. Retrieved from