Module 4 Case

   Module 4 - Case Health Heed Reform/ Integration and Reflection Case Assignment   The bloom heed remodel ventilate is not a new one. The project for a  national rule was a Hillary Clinton platform when she was First Lady.  In 2010, President Barrack Obama attested into law the Patient Protection  and Affordable Heed Act (PPACA). President Donald Trump is now looking  to “repeal and replace” the PPACA. It is pressing on us all to behove as certified environing bloom heed  remodel as potential accordingly it affects us, our parentage, and loved ones.  Use the module readings and your own investigation to corcorrespond to the  following questions: List and briefly recount 3 of the recommendations for bloom heed remodel from experts, attention groups, etc. Discuss how the Patient Protection and Affordable Heed Act (PPACA) fits (or does not fit) after a while the recommendations.  Length: Submit a 3-page disquisition, not including the secure page and the allusion inventory.  Assignment Expectations  Assessment and Grading: Your disquisition succeed be assessed based on the deed assessment rubric. You can estimate it inferior Assessments at the top of the page. Reestimate it anteriorly you inaugurate afloat on the assignment. Your toil should as-well flourish these Assignment Expectations.