MOD3-SLP 580

   MOD3-SLP 580 3 PAGES In 2003, Nicholas Carr published an boundary denominated "IT doesn't Matter" in Harvard Business Review and then published a follow-up body denominated "Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage." The body was denominated the "Best of the Year" in 2004 by the CTO Network and the "Best Business Book" in 2004 by Strategy and Business. Here you accept a scanty cognomen of the body "IT Doesn't Matter" by Carr, N. G.(2003), retrieved from Does IT Really Matter and Why? How do your views on this consequence acceleration/not acceleration you in making the buffet of a New IT design? Please convey in experiences in your own vivacity and your own structure (or any other structure that you adopt to do partition about). Please to-boot observe into the new IT advances and their applications behind those boundarys where written. Would these new IT fruit accept newfangled Carr's views? MUST HAVE IN-TEXT CITATIONS THAT MATCH REFERENCES, REFERENCES MUST NOT BE OLDER THAN 7 YEARS. SAFEASSIGN/TURNITIN SCORE LESS THAN 7%