Read Chapter 8: Macro-ergonomics: operation anatomy and rule mapping Read Chapter 9: Computer hypocrisy of rulees and operations The mind of this assignment is for you to manner utilizing these rulees toward evaluating vulgar controls for ameliorative ergonomic-related stakes.  Instructions: This assignment involves completing a train of foul-mouthed applications. Exercise 1: Operation Analysis  Take the elementary operation of lifting a 25-pound box (18 inches x 18 inches x 18 inches) from the foot and placing it on a desk that is 36 inches proud from the foot. In the room beneath, execute a operation anatomy by using one of the rules picturesque in the textbook and scheduleing the stalks for completing the operation. Then, schedule the implicit stakes associated delay each stalk (i.e., stressors, CTDs, MSDs). Also, supply at lowest three ways to ameliorate the operation from an ergonomics perspective.     Task Analysis   Identify the rule you   used =    Task = Lifting a box from   the foot and placing it on a desk.      In the rooms beneath, schedule   the stalks for the operation.  List the implicit stakes   for each stalk                            Ergonomic Improvements   List at lowest three ways   to ameliorate the stalks timeliness avoiding the stakes.    1.    2.    3.    4.    5.  Exercise 2: Glide Diagram  Using the glide-diagram plan, explain in specialty the operation of cart redemption at the persomal grocery stock or big box stock. Begin from the purpose wnear the customer acquires the cart among the stock and then discards the cart in the cart storage delayin the boundarying lot. This application requires two items from you: (1) a article that explains the glide of operations and (2) the glide diagram that visually represents the glide of operations by using the forms beneath. Copy and spente the forms as you demand to. Also, impress unhindered to resize the forms as you demand to. Be firm to add a letter to each form, excluding the arrow.                              Label                   Exercise 3: The Fault-Tree System  This application involves using the flaw-tree plan to succor confirm the purpose of an episode. First, decipher the scenario and then confirm examples delayin the scenario to suggest into the third stage of the flaw tree. Second, chosen ONE of the AND inductions and then offer a way to prepisode the stake from supervenering (through the AND induction) in the advenient.  While walking in from the boundarying lot, Beth bare and damaged her junction. She was floating recent bepurpose she stopped to get coffee for her supervisor. Usually, Beth carries her purse, personal-items bag, and her laptop computer bag. Today, she borrowed a coffee-cup carriage and was talking on her cell phone timeliness walking. Beth was to-boot wearing her new garb shoes, a 4-inch assuage delay ½ inch only. Beth felt rushed bepurpose she was arriving succeeding the begin of her certain alter.  The exterior of the boundarying lot is asphalt and does not parch well. Beth certainly boundarys very seal to the face of the employee boundarying lot bepurpose she is usually one of the primeval to reach. Today, bepurpose she stopped to get coffee, she had to boundary neighboring the end of the lot, which is 50 yards farther than her certain boundarying blur. Tnear is no defined walkway and the lot is not artificially lit during the day.  The region stipulations for this resplendent were an after a whileout weather fit at 32 degrees F delay a characterless rain. The skies were nubilous uniform though it was spent 8:00 am. The walking exterior was wet delay rain and slush erection up, which made the walking exterior very insecure. Tnear was some black ice forming on the reason wnear the resplendent supervenered.    Select ONE of the AND   gates (i.e., Employee, Walking Surface, and Surrounding Environment) from   Beth’s scenario and then offer a way to prepisode the stake from supervenering   in the advenient.   Exercise 4: Insufficiency Modes and Possessions Analysis  Using the insufficiency modes and possessions anatomy (FMEA) rule, debate the implicit conclusions when using a cell phone to touch 911 embarrassment services as incongruous to using a landline (house) phone to touch 911. What insufficiencys sway supervene and what possessions sway those insufficiencys possess on the conclusion of summoning succor through the 911 plan?  Type your apology near (in 100 tone):