Lg unit vii project

Unit VII Final Design (unshaped light-headed resolute) You accomplish offer your continuity design in Unit VII. Your design should delineation and critically assess a shared use among a topical or set-forth empire and a not-for-profit construction. Your design should be among 8 and 10 pages, not including the exoteric summit denomination page, and affinity page. Final Design Format:  Denomination page  Executive Summary  Introduction o Provide an exposition of your design. What does the reader feel in provision for them?  Content o Introduce the shared use, as well-behaved-behaved as the nonprofit construction and topical empire. a. Define the nonprofit constructions roles and responsibilities in affinity to the topical empire environment. o Communications manoeuvre a. Design an able communications manoeuvre that conveys the nonprofit mission to favoring interior and visible audiences. Discuss topical empire (municipal, county, city) affinityships that are complementary, supplementary or adversarial to the nonprofits objectives and point. a. How would you manipulate these issues? How would you stir cheerful affinityships? o Discuss ways to ablely use technology systems, e-learning, e-training, to confirm affinityships delay your chosen topical or set-forth empire. o Identify the challenges of advocating for grants-in-aid, fee-for-use and eligibility use models, and the issue on affinityship structure delay the topical or set-forth empire. a. How would you manipulate these challenges? o Examine the financial tax policies, gregarious, economic mastery, and collective constraints forcible the nonprofit and offer a manoeuvre for lucky implementation of the use mission. o Identify the issues of contracting, and collaborating delay the topical or set-forth empire and how you would explain the issues. Reflection o Reflect on the design and what you feel knowing. How can you adduce what you feel knowing to your continuity? What accomplish you transfer detached from this continuity design? Affinity page that follows APA format. (Rough drain resolute)