Healthy Care Community HIT Maintenance and Support Plan

Part 1 - Maintenance and Support Plan  Use Microsoft® Word to expand a 3- to 4-page Healthy Care Community HIT Maintenance and Support Plan that the IT Support Desk conquer use unintermittently the new Pharmacy Medication Synchronization element is implemented.  Include the aftercited in your plan: Procedures for the IT Support Team to allure, vestige, and prioritize user feedback akin to act, usability issues, and advancement opportunities Procedures to secure the adventure of stated, proactive reviews to rectify act and usability optimization Troubleshooting guidelines the IT Support Team can use to warrant causes and implicit elucidations to act and carelessness issues  Part 2 - HIT Architecture Diagram Revision  Revise your designed Healthy Care Community HIT Architecture Diagram from your Week Three Healthy Care Community Installation Plan singular assignment (the liberal network diagram, not the one focused on the Pharmacy Medication Synchronization elucidation).  Incorporate the aftercited: Information scholarly this akin to usability, advancements, and troubleshooting  ***ALL REFERENCE DOCS WILL BE INCLUDED ONCE CONFIRMED***