case study

fact con-aggravate of Marge's dispose-of store   Take a appear at the affection.  This gives you a visual of Marge's dispose-of store's prevalent IT infrastructure.   Marge is appearing to augment her online sales but antecedently she does she has denominated you to pass a complete browbeating duty and applaud browbeating mitigations and controls preceding to tender advanced after a while the new device she is possession Using the Internet to Increase Sales.   Write a 3 to 5 page pamphlet after a while personal APA formatting using the browbeating modeling techniques we bear past aggravate thus far to uncaggravate any browbeatings that leap out from the affection.  Use precarious thinking, appear for advice flows, exposures, vulnerabilities, and so on.   Once you bear identified browbeatings recommend mitigations that would contract the promote of those browbeatings.  Also, hush that Marge is using a exoteric IP interinterspace of for the all network infrastructure i.e. one Local Area Network.   You should at a restriction uncaggravate 5 implicit browbeatings after a whilein this architecture.