Cardiac and Pulmonary Pediatric Conditions

Cardiac and Pulmonary Pediatric Conditions In this item, you allure be debateing cardiac and pulmonary pediatric provisions and the weight of collaboration. Select one of the subjects under (gladden prefer one that has not already been posted by another tyro) and debate floating evidence-based recommendations by regulative pediatric experts and functional organizations. Focus your debateion on how collaboration improves pediatric soundness outcomes in original concern. You are expected to confer-upon your primal subject including, but not scant to, the aftercited items: Pathophysiology Epidemiology Physical exam findings Differential diagnoses and rationale Management artfulness to apprehend sign testing, medications if ry, thrive-up artfulnesss, and referrals if needed In analysis, you are required to thrive the Discourse Board grading rubric and suit to at smallest three of your classmates. Topics: Murmurs (harmless and pathologic) Congestive benevolence distemper in children Left to lawful shunting: ASD, VSD Left to lawful shunting: Atrioventricular septal imperfection, PDA Right to left shunting: Transposition of the august arteries (TGA), tetralogy of fallot, hypoplastic left benevolence syndrome Hypertension in children Kawasaki Disease, clever rheumatic fever Infective endocarditis, pericarditis Myocarditis, cardiomyopathy Syncope Cardiac dysrhythmias Upper respiratory disorders: The niggardly composed, rhinosinusitis Pharyngitis, tonsillitis Diphtheria, pertussis Refloating epistaxis, nasal extraneous matter Croup, epiglottitis Foreign matter appetition (laryngeal, tracheal, bronchial) Nonbacterial and bacterial pneumonia Cystic fibrosis Pectus deformity