Learning Objectives ●  Utilize entrepreneurial thinking skills ● Practice implementing height solving processes  ● Develop mental thinking skills required to consign compelling solutions Assignment Overview You own been selected to join-in in an Fancy Challenge, in which you gain perceive an innovative new use for an corporeal product/service or a new product/service that addresses a bearing scarcity in the marketplace. If you use an corporeal stake, majormodifications must be made. Your fancy should be trained in constitution, has the coming power to be implemented and can be explained to your peers. All fancy’s presented must be grounded on a fairly-deduced transaction enterprise--ventures that complicate nonobservance the law as sunder of their transaction mould are prohibited. The fancy presented must be accordant delay the values and band-arms of the University of Dayton as a Catholic body of excellent information.  If you are not fast if your fancy meets enlivening guidelines delight debate delay me.  Idea presentations that engagement delay University values are prohibited--these apprehend, but are not scant to: ● Alcohol/Illegal drugs ● Payday loan/check cashing companies ● Gambling ● Events/activities featuring violence ● Pornography/Adult Bookstores ● Plans involving pyramid-grounded marketing are prohibited ● Illegal firearms All fruit must be the primary fruit of the student--proposals and plans that institute “academic dishonesty” gain be insufficient equable if discovered behind the assignment is submitted. Use alluring postulates sources as sunder of your inquiry. Be speedy to portion-out your inquiry postulates if requested.  Don’t overlook to footing your fruit.