Andrew Gates and Larry Page exact graduated from UC after a while a master’s range in Information Technology. They scantiness to set up their own server construction guild to succor bring-encircling networking of occupationes run smoothly in their municipality. The servers achieve illustrate a key role in telephony, internet and intranet connections in municipal fashions and other institutions in the Hilton area. They recognize from recalcitrant boarding examination that IT occupationes are striving and very productive in the State of South Carolina where they scantiness to settle the occupation. Andrew and Larry recognize that anteriorly they can endow their occasion and other resources in the purpose, they must achieve financing, which resources that they must foster high to pay for the boarding consume and other unobstructed expenses. Because the guild command not be listed in any high bargain lawful far, they command not be potent to foster equity funding notoriously-knownly. Therefore, they are regarding mound desire engagement high from multitudinous sources including angel endowors, venture high bargain, bank/finance companies’ long-engagement loans, crowdfunding, and initial notoriously-known aids (IPOs). They learnt in municipal finance sequence they took two years ago the advantages and disadvantages of unanalogous fabricates of occupation fashions (largely unmarried proprietorship, house, scant burden, and strengthening). They are worried encircling the constitutional concept of scant burden and how it achieve desire their identical fortunes in the coming in occurrence the occupation fails. They are not very firm which fabricate of occupation fashion to set up to guard their identical burden and impart them avenue to enormous funding. Therefore, they are regarding a house, a scant burden, or a strengthening.  A excellent budget they compliant shows that $5 darling embryo high would be needed to schism programmers, buy computers, schism an station illimitableness, exalt and bargain the occupation as well-mannered-mannered as to encounter other occupation product expenditures. They possess agreed to divide avail and losses equal if they detail to fabricate a scant house. The notorious sharer achieve, at-last, be compensated a agricultural stipend of $5,000 per month anteriorly taxes and other payroll expenditure. In appoint to bring-encircling cheerful and lawful determination, Andrew and Larry possess approached you to succor them learn the advantages and disadvantages of the multitudinous fabricates of occupation fashions and possible sources of funding for the occupation.  Give 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of each of the subjoined fabricates of occupation fashion to Andrew and Larry: partnership, scant burden, and corporation Ultimately, what fabricate of occupation fashion would you advise Andrew and Larry to judge. Why? Based on your adviseation over, decipher to Andrew and Larry if the subjoined sources of mound desire-engagement high are alienate for them: angel endowors (angels) crowdfunding venture high initial notoriously-known aid, and long-engagement debt 2. FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS AND FINANCIAL MODELS Andrew and Larry scantiness to use financial planning models to lay a purpoembryo (or pro fabricatea) financial announcement to detail the profitability and financial heartiness of the occupation for the direct year. Use the proforma financial announcement under to apology the subjoined questions: PRO FORMA INCOME STATEMENT ($millions) Total unobstructed produces 78 Less Expenses 57 Less Depreciation 9 Earnings anteriorly cause and taxes 12 Less Interest 2 Net proceeds anteriorly taxes 10 Less taxes @ 10% 1 Net proceeds 9   PRO FORMA BALANCE SHEET Assets: Cash 8 Other curschism assets 18 Net Agricultural Assets 40 Total Assets 67   Liabilities and Equities: Accounts payable 12 long-engagement debt 18 Stockholders' Equity 37 Total Liabilities & Equities 67   a. What is the estimated profit of the occupation for direct year? b.  Compute the subjoined profitability ratios and decipher to Andrew and Larry whether the occupation looks productive:           i. Profit margin           ii. Return on Assets           iii. Return on Equity Also decipher and compute the: iv. Unobstructed excellent flow c. Assuming you purpose a 25% acception in unobstructed produce (sales) per year what achieve be the anticipated unobstructed produce in two years? d. If net proceeds is purpoembryo to acception by 10% per year, what achieve be the profit margin in direct two years? e. What achieve be the estimated earnings per divide (EPS) direct year if 1,000,000 divides are issued? (note: EPS = net proceeds / whole divides unappropriated).