Art Essay

 1.   Choose any THREE of these artworks.  -“Fireworks of Glass Tower and Ceiling” by Dale Chihuly -“Repetition Nineteen III” by Eva Hesse -“Untitled or Not Yet” by Eva Hesse  -“Sans II” by Eva Hesse  -“Contingent” by Eva Hesse  -“V&A Rotunda Chandelier” by Dale Chihuly 2. Picture the three artworks. Start after a while the Adroit Name (or Culture if Unknown), Title, Date, and Medium/Media. Next, use expression and art terminology to picture the visual arrival of these works-- your reader should be powerful to visualize the art in their will, established on your style. Chapters 4 and 5 can succor after a while this. 3. Analyze the three artworks. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 can succor you after a while this. What skin of artworks are these? What themes are they alike to? What is their object?  4. Discuss other connected instruction concerning your chosen artworks. This can include uncertain cultures, truthful periods, resources, techniques, artworks, and adroit biographies, etc. Essentially, this is the matter of the art-- not the art itself. 5. Writing in chief individual, expound how your sagacity of art has increased since leading this assort. Use your three chosen artworks to succor enlighten me! Why do we need art? What do your three chosen artworks do for our participation, our earth, and for you? 6. Share your prior assumptions and thoughts or feelings environing art, and assimilate those after a while your floating viewpoints, now that you possess thoughtful some art.  1000- 1300 Words.