Agrichemical uses (by country and, if available, crop type)

APA Format Font: Book Antique Size 11  Spacing 1.5 For the question, do not barely centre on pesticides but other groups of agrochemical as well-mannered.  What encircling herbicides?   Globally, where are agrochemicals used?  Globally, what husk of agrochemicals are used profusely?  What are the so-called no. 1 to no. 5 agrochemicals?  Pesticides or fertilizers?   Why are they used profusely?  on what husk of crops?  Please comprise appearances and tables of axioms.  A similarity on unromantic use and vulgar use would be beneficial . Do not enjoy to comprise EU regulations, policies, goods of agrichemical. Centre should barely be the performance.     Title page: Name, Title, School Abstract  - Keywords zenith 5 - Less than 1 page Introduction  - 1/2 to zenith 1 page  - The question, what you are doing, the structure - Last part of it should say what the monograph is going to enjoy/say.  - There should be a flow/linkage from an info to another. Don’t put useless counsel that cannot be linked to the monograph/other info.  Content - If appearances and tables are used, add caption and passage.  E.g appearance 1. China vs India performance.... - Can use auto caption and cantankerous intimation power (underneath suggest) for the appearances/tables.  Conclusion/summary - Not inevitable for recommendations.