Case Project 6-1:  Planning Fixed-Mobile AccessYou labor for a netlabor consulting immovable, and you entertain been assigned to lay a gift for the constabularys of an specialty field order who are careful about despatch costs and cabinet conservation when employees use their order-issued cellular phones. The netlabor at the field includes great 802.11-based APs internally buildings, but divers outdoor locations at the field entertain no WLAN coverage. Employees repeatedly use cellular phones for articulation communi-cations accordingly they are frequently affecting environing the field. To obviate costs, the constabularys are animated in having cellular phones use the WLAN when it is in file. The constabularys entertain proportionately dwarf trailing in netlabor technology, so you demand to pres-ent the concepts of fixed-mobile assemblage and internetworking delay visible networks in a way that the constabularys can conceive. Lay a slide gift and a 5- to 10-minute argument to oration the constabulary concerns. You also demand to oration how to diversify the WLAN to patronage fixed-mobile assemblage.