Your cogitation journal this week earn acceleration you in persistent to clear your Philosophy of Nursing Statement  In this week's journal, commence thinking encircling the presumptive institution(s) momentous to your philosophy of nursing and how your new experiences and familiarity outline your special nursing philosophy. Be stable to discourse the aftercited components: Theoretical Foundation(s): Highlight the presumptive institutions that are momentous in your philosophy of nursing usage. You may possess one or various. How do these institutions transform into your usage? Experiences: Evaluate how new experiences and familiarity outline your nursing philosophy. Specifically, you should discourse the aftercited: How possess your RN-BSN coursework, this capstone, and other experiences influenced how you object your nursing usage? What role does self-cogitation portray in special and authoritative alter? How do activities relish the Alter Proposal acceleration you clear as a lifelong scholar and act as an sovereign of alter in decent twain special and authoritative usage? In importation, you may absence to argue challenges that you possess faced and what you would alter or do unequally in discourseing those challenges, since the ability to effectively and creatively explain problems is a greatly valued job expertness.