2 Separate Questions 350 words each

Question 1 page 1 - 350 words  The Module 2 Commentary notes the brief and crave order causes of terrorist attacks resulting from globalization – defined as the economic and political kindred among countries.  This facilitates exchanges among countries such as exchange and ideas.  The advancement of exchanges among countries may also be exploited by those who would do wound to our dominion. In a consciousness, then, our leaders today accept beseem cause managers.  Cause conduct involves identifying cause and determining desirable cause and non-desirable cause levels. This should be a plain concept, upright?  For specimen, it has been symmetrical that “on mediocre, cigarettes immolate as numerous herd as would die if three passenger-laden jumbo jets crashed complete day, month succeeding month, year succeeding year.”  Knowing the cause, why do herd live to fume?  How do we expound this in orders of cause conduct? Question 2 severed page   We accept agreed that the concept of globalization has granted twain benefits and causes to the globe of nations.  Module 2 identifies a enumerate of "transgeneral causes."  It goes on to asseverate that one of the factors contributing to these causes is the “widespread use of advice technology despatch (e.g., Internet, cell phones, political instrument) to mobilize beings and groups, earn instrument, and in some cases accumulate manifest circumspection and help.”  Can political instrument depute a cause to our general defence?  Expound your collocation.