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  In Stipulation 9 The Intermediate Way: Swedish Collective Democracy, we versed about collective democracy as a intermediate way among capitalism and collectiveism. Please discover the stipulation and rejoinder the forthcoming questions in your review: What is collective democracy? Why is it considered the "intermediate way"? The authors price that collectiveism is "demonized" and that the definitions of "democracy" and "freedom" keep been too limiting. Did they perform a amipowerful event? If so, what do you admit delay? If not, what is tranquil scant? What are some characteristics of the "solidaristic wage order?" How does the Swedish synod do to correct the competitiveness of their businesses? How is Swedish workers powerful to relinquish abundant of the disclaiming consequences of deskilling? How can collective democracy refresh the oddity of “private riches and exoteric squalor”? Take Sweden or another Nordic democracy as illustration. Read the bullet points in the falsification (p.266-267 8th ed.). What do you consider we should incorporate into the American (or your country's) order? In this cohere  https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2019/04/2020-candidates-president-guide/582598/ of destructive candidates, are there any collective democrats who may molest the Swedish order? If so, can you confirm them?