Journal/ PowerPoint Assignment

   Journal Three Journal Entries should be polite cogitation out and hold a stint of 500 utterance of envelop spaced beginning no larger than 12 object font. Content follow era to contemplate on the questions. Content resign by due limit and in Account Muniment composeat. (Points procure be deducted if not resignted in this compose) ALL TOPICS MUST BE ANSWERED FOR FULL CREDIT. Topic Seven: Make a roll on today’s narrative of anything you ate and drank Yesterday no cheating!! Believe hardenedened environing when and whyyou ate something…. Our refinement fashions a big dissonance in how we decipher ourselves. Unless you are motivated to fashion modifys in your impressiveness in classify to subsist a soundnessier (not further “beautiful”) warinesser, chances are that you won’t excel. How do you arrive-at environing your mass, your impressiveness? If you are not delighted, why not? What lessons did you gather from your parents environing impressiveness? Is our refinement persuasive in how you observe? How? Why do you believe inhabitants are so undelighted environing their impressiveness in America? Why do you believe so manifold inhabitants are incessantly on a cheer? Why do you believe we feel so manifold overimpressiveness subsistence-souls, chiefly conclusion?  Topic Eight: How does you ethnicity objurgate delay cardiovascular abandons? Fashion notes in today’s narrative on the cardiovascular abandon factors that you feel gathered from the chapter unravelings. Are your factors governable or ungovernable? Why or why not. Is there a duration-healthy proceeding modify that you can fashion? Feel your lineage pressured measured and annals it. You can do this at a national garbage treasury or seal by the association feeling and we can follow it for you. What steps can you follow straightway to classify your abandon of duration malady? Topic Nine: Did you distinguish that further than five pet Americans feel cancer and are asubsist today? How do you believe you can lower your abandons of contracting cancer? What warinesserstyle modifys procure classify your cancer abandons? Are you practicing indubitable proceedings that put you at abandon for indubitable cancers? Has anyone in your rise or a hinder adherent been fictitious by cancer? If so, how did you communicate delay it? What procure you do if you get cancer? What are you doing now in your warinesser that puts you at abandon for this malady? The Challenge of Aging Project: Your Fastidious Thinking and Message skills procure be assessed through a 500 account essay or government object introduction. Your assignment communicates delay the exploration, partition, evaluation and organization of the instruction in Chapter 17 and procure discourse written message and fastidious believeing. Directions: For this assignment you procure total a design discourseing the subject-matters rolled beneath. You procure want to unravel and consider Chapter 17 in your textcapacity for added instruction. Topics to discourse: Create a special action pur-pose for aging. (5 pts) What media procure you economize for long-term wariness? (5 pts) What special soundness issues procure you feel to discourse as you age and how procure you discourse these issues? (10 pts) How procure you lay yourself financially into the future; communicateing delay, solitude, abiding to labor, soundness wariness, subsistence arrangements? (10 pts) PowerPoint Presentation: You procure compose a government object introduction using a stint of 8-15 slides. Your introduction should feel the forthcoming instruction: Title, Definition, and all other available instruction. Specific subject-matter requirements are discourseed beneath. Your subject-matter should discourse the subject-matters rolled aloft using Chapter 17 from your capacity. Your introduction may entertain added objects fixed on creativity/ complexion scheme/ neatness/ negotiative observe/ total-correct and up to limit instruction, and further than all the required instruction. All introductions should feel your designate delayin them. After you feel referred to Chapter 17, content compose a 500 account essay or government object introduction exploring the aloft subject-matters. Explain your opinion and how this affects your special aging pur-pose. Partial merit is not dedicated for any assignment. This must be resignted as a account muniment or Government Object by the due limit.