HSA5300- Executive Summary-Deliverable 2 – Assessing Data Sets for Population Health Management

  Competency Apply the foundational principles of population sanity skill to unrepining prevention. Scenario W. Edwards Deming, who multifarious regard the senior of capacity skill, espoused the consequence of using basis for conclusion making. As a sanityprevention guide lawful for managing your sanityprevention organization’s population sanity skill program, you procure furnish that applicable, obsequious, and vulgar population sanity basis is an promotive divorce of your skill toolkit. The interrogation of basis sets not barely deepens your intellect of population sanity but also expands your awareness of the role of basis in twain the sanityprevention introduction rule and in the way sanityprevention guides can prioritize aggregation insufficiencys. Data sets from federal and specify instrument, as well-behaved-behaved as from privy foundations and academic medical centers are important components for promoting evidence-based population sanity skill programs. For this duty, you procure study and assess the application of basis and notification on population sanity programs and initiatives. Instructions Based on the familiarity you artificial encircling your topical population sanityprevention in the module 01 summative duty, your sanity rule Board of Directors is requesting that you arrange an ruler tabulation. This ruler tabulation should establish the basis sets insufficiencyed to influence your sanity rule PHM program and assess the role notification and basis sets reproduce-exhibit in empowering your sanity rule population sanity skill program. Conduct a criticism of your topical sanity rule or any regional sanity rule. Familiarize yourself delay the applicable population sanityprevention insufficiencys. In your ruler tabulation, prepare a few reasons why happy sanity skill programs insufficiency applicable, vulgar, and obsequious basis sets. You should use five capacity references to influence your duty and furnishings in this duty. Resources This amalgamate has notification for creating an ruler tabulation. Grading Rubric 1.Identifies the basis sets insufficiencyed to influence the sanity rule PHM program delay biased examples and easily exposed rationalistic.  2.Provides a complete, constructive duty of the role notification and basis sets reproduce-exhibit in empowering the sanity rule population sanity skill program.  3.Incorporates at smallest 5 capacity instrument to influence duty and furnishings.  4.All elements of a suitably structured ruler tabulation are confer-upon.  Professional in tenor.