Health Assignment

   The Joint Commission's Impact and the Avail of Long-Term Care This is a two-part assignment: Part One: In provision for accreditation at its facilities, the administration would affect the staff to conceive the main benefits of accreditation and how undergoing the accreditation way can rectify disposition.  Go to The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthpreservation Organizations (JCAHO) Web predicament (, and apology the forthcoming questions. Be unquestioning to set a independent mood that gain discourse to and win aggravate staff, emphasizing the benefits accreditation can contribute your structure. Format your apologys in a memo format and discourse it to me. · What correspondently are accreditation and certification? · What is the dissimilitude between accreditation and certification?  · What are the benefits of accreditation? · What are the benefits of Joint Commission certification? · How can undergoing the accreditation way rectify disposition at a healthpreservation address?  For instructions on how to transcribe a memo, content scrutinize this couple.     Part Two:  In a one page, enfold spaced APA format, mark-out what crave expression preservation is and why it has continued to growth in expressions of avail amongst the healthpreservation hope.  In your counter-argument be unquestioning to use examples to raise your findings and comprise bearing citations.