Week 5 - Argument 2 33 unread replies.44 replies. Your primal argument course is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you keep until Day 7 (Monday) to suit to your classmates. Your proceeding earn contemplate twain the tendency of your primal column and the profoundness of your responses. Refer to the Argument Forum Grading Rubric underneathneath the Settings icon over for direction on how your argument earn be evaluated. Colgate’s Annual Report Obtain a representation of Colgate’s annual noise from the Ashford Online Library or from a substantial academic spring ground elsewhere on the Internet.  Use this knowledge to solution the aftercited questions. If researching online, go to the Colgate posse website (Links to an superficial site.) (http://www.colgate.com). Use the connections discussed in Chapter 11 (dividend payout connection and give-back on sordid stockholders’ equity) to evaluate Colgate’s dividend and hues act from a stockholder’s perspective. Your solution should represent underneathstanding of dividend connections and give-back on equity connections, an resolution of financial statements. Suit to at lowest two of your classmates’ columns.