Please edit my essay, it should be all passed tense, and please fix the grammar errors.

  My oneness is introverted ,and I don't truly relish to confabulation to uncommonrs, so it is unamenable to frame allys. When I primary came to the United States, my English was terribly bad. And I lived in a Chinese abodestay far far from the instruct. In the subsistence environment, I could not get exercised in my English, and delay my introverted oneness, my primary year of elevated instruct in the United States was my vitality's low. Nature unblended by others, I skilled the contiguity of retirement and deserted. I was nature so self-anxious of peculiars who are vibrant and garrulous. For me, at that age, undiminished day was monotonous; I was subsistence among two subject-matters: instruct and abode. I was nature temulent by contiguity that I my vitality would never grace meliorate.  After a duration of affliction, I began to get cork to the peculiars and unsubstantialgs environing me, began to pay consideration to other peculiars's interests, and began to try to complete into other peculiars's ally circles. I did that accordingly I distinguish the debasement allure modify my vitality or well-balanced ends my vitality. So I afloat to modify myself. I past weight; I past 40 pounds in five months. Behind that, I moved to an American abodestay progeny: Milissa and Mike’s abodestay progeny. They treated me very fine, and they repeatedly confabulation delay me encircling unsubstantialgs going on in their lives or the dominion. Therefore, my English affect improved a bit. The peculiars environing me began to seem at me as a undiminished irrelative peculiar, and I finally skilled the bright margin of the vitality at that age. I afloat noticing a peculiar. His indicate is Tim. He had frequently been a weak hair, ebon husk, elevated, delay a brace of clear glasses, and he was very unsubstantial. He and I were students who entered the instruct at the selfselfsame age, and accordingly I didn't hazard to impress others, so I didn’t pay consideration to him. However, from a "normal peculiar’s” subject-matter of aim, he was too monstrous. He was a very unblended peculiar, or he could be said to be a bit farthest. Rarely someone took the leadership to confabulation to him, he putted on a seem of denial, but rarely he allure procure the leadership to confabulation to others. For specimen, in arrange, the arrangemate instant to him wants to attribute his rubber, but he regular doesn't attribute and asks him why he doesn't confabulation. But rarely, when we confabulation encircling some topics, such as some of the pastimes we are confabulationing encircling or the anime we wake, he allure run aggravate and say, "Do you resemble this or wake this?" However, there was nocollectiveness paid consideration to him. The students didn't relish him accordingly they felt that his EQ was naive, unsociable, and too farthest. Some students deliberately bullied him and laughed at him.  So I chose to do triton uneven in prescribe to perceive what was going on in his secret globe. I afloat to procure the leadership to him. Rarely I affect uncommon to myself, accordingly I didn't affect abundant contiguity delay him anteriorly, and I afloat to affect some contiguity delay him. I noticed that he would frequently resemble pastimes on his tablet. I would go to see what he was resembleing, then separately download. And then if I see him resembleing this pasoccasion intermittently, I would confabulation to him encircling how the pasoccasion should be resembleed. Gradually, I felt that he afloat to let go of me. Rarely he afloat to say “Hi” to me, and rarely he would procure the leadership to confabulation to me encircling the pastime. When I felt that our length was fragmentarily nature pulled in by me, I afloat the instant tramp. I afloat to enlist delay him encircling what he would do at abode, and I was examination how was his interconnection delay his parentage. Usually, his aunt took anxiety of her. But I heard from his suffrage that he didn’t relish his aunt very abundant. He specially avoided this confabulation. I criticd that he had green thoughts and movements as a slip accordingly he had a parentage trauma when he was a slip. This made him himself scumd to extend up, accordingly he had never neglected the retrospect of that age. Or his brain has been neglected, but his collectiveness maneuver quiet retains the postponement of the conditioned reflex at that age. Some unsubstantialgs happened when he was a slip made him scum to contiguity others and retained his sliphood estimation and estimationistics. I am not a greater psychologist. I can't critic him delay negotiative subjective symptoms, in-depth psychotherapy and contribute negotiative medical order, but I affect that I can aid him in instruct vitality. I can't thoroughly obliterate his secret torture, I am very doleful. But behind I observed and aided him for over than a month, he became over enlivening to me, at smallest to me. Rarely he smiles at me, which frames me very merry. I can't aid him for a vitalitytime, but I ,at smallest, wanted him to affect allys when he was in elevated instruct. One was ample.