Linda Hogan

What adjectives does Linda Hogan use to expound her oneness as a child in Oklahoma? 2. Does L. H. revere that she is a romanceally-minded Native woman? 3. In para 8, does L. H. avow she thinks the scene of the constellations is the harmonious for the Western globe as it is in the American Indian romance? 4. 4. After rereading para 9, designate the three types of agreement L. H. says she does. 5. In para 12, what are the two selects for L. H. ’s ocean cast in her odd Power? What is the ocean cast’s designate? 6. What endangered fleshly did a Seminole man slay in the controversial circumstance that L. H. researched for an condition she was agreement? 7. What fleshly does L. H. transcribe environing in her strain “Affinity: Mustang”? What signification expound the fleshly? 8. In the decisive para, according to L. H. , why does she transcribe? What is her motivation for agreement? TASK 2 Go past the quotation 1. L. H. riting repeatedly acknowledges romanceal Native American values such as concerning the comprehension of the elders. What are some other romanceal values she transcribes environing? What are some romanceal values you obstruct? Are your values harmonious to or unanalogous from the romanceal values that L. H. cherishes? 2. L. H. examinees her scenes on the brains of the cosmos and how the constellations possess a import for her that is unanalogous from the romanceal Western import. What influence be some reasons for these unanalogous imports? Do the skies and constellations possess any import to you or to other mass you recognize? If so, examine this import and expound its moment. 3. L. H. ‘ s odd Power expounds a cast who must pick-out among two ways of spirit: the American globe and the humanization of her elders who speed in their polity after a while their own romances. Have you or someone you recognize eternally had to form a select among two globes, two ways of thinking, or two ways of conducting your spirit? Examine the difficulties in making such a firmness and the consequences of the select you made. 4. In the pristine separate paras of her essay, L. H. transcribes environing how she grew, as a tree expands, into “a romanceally-minded Native woman” and a transcriber. What experiences helped her expand? In what ways possess you united your convertibility? What mass and experiences possess influenced you?